Mutant Fandango

Honkey Bitch

Charles R. Johnson

The songs present on Mutant Fandango were written between 1980 and 1989, and except for Spy Movie, and Instructions; were recorded between 1989 and 1992 on my TasCam 388 8 track analog tape recording studio. Spy Movie was recorded in the mid 1980's at the Bird Ranch, and Instructions was recorded in 1981 at the Hunting Lodge.

Snuff Dancing, Teen Anthym, Your Kind of Place, Soul Thunk, Pig Wars, Slip it to Me, Spy Movie, and Instructions are all Copyright 1989, 2010 Charles R. Johnson

and It's Love, and Heavy Hammer Song are Copyright 1989, 2010 David Roberts.

Snuff Dancing: Guitar: David Glennon ; Vocal, Bass: Charles Johnson

It's Love: Guitar: D. Glennon, Bass: C. Johnson Vocal: (lead) David Roberts (back) C.

Johnson, Violin: D. Roberts

Teen Anthym: Guitar: (lead) Michael Cole, D. Glennon; Vocal, Bass: Charles Johnson

Heavy Hammer Song: Guitar: (lead) M. Cole, D. Glennon; Bass: C. Johnson, Vocal: D.


Your Kind of Place: Guitar: (lead) M. Cole; Bass: David Glennon; Vocal: C. Johnson

Soul Thunk: Guitar: (lead) M. Cole; Vocal, Bass: C. Johnson

Pig Wars: Guitar: Eric Hightower; Vocal, Bass: C. Johnson Sound Effects: D. Roberts

Slip it to Me: Guitar: Eric Hightower, Vocal, Bass: C. Johnson

Spy Movie: Guitar: (lead) D. Glennon, E. Hightower, Drums: Jay Keister, Bass: C. Johnson

Instructions: Drums: Richard Ellis, Vocal: Charles Johnson

01_Honkey Bitch-Snuff Dancing.wav

02_Honkey Bitch-It's Love.wav

03_Honkey Bitch-Teen Anthym.wav

04_Honkey Bitch-Heavy Hammer Song.wav

05_Honkey Bitch-Your Kind of Place.wav

06_Honkey Bitch-Soul Thunk.wav

07_Honkey Bitch-Pig Wars.wav

08_Honkey Bitch-Slip it to Me.wav

09_Honkey Bitch-Spy Movie.wav

10_Honkey Bitch-Instructions.wav