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Saturday May 14, 2022
Calf Pond

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Honkey Bitch is a musical project which has been ongoing for many years. . .

Oue various albums are now available at , itunes, etc. . . You can also listen to full streams on Spotify Now available ==> Honkey Bitch Music at Bandcamp etc. . .

If you'd like to read the (popup) liner notes of the "Honkey Bitch: Dances With Demons" album click here
If you'd like to read the (popup) liner notes of our last album "Honkey Bitch: Curse of the Gypsy" album click here
For the "Honkey Bitch: Freak Rock" album click here

Listing of various albums with Notes, Recording, Production, and Engineering details

Below are Official Honkey Bitch Concert Videos featuring songs from the Bitch's Albums, and a button to send us Email.

Check out our new album on BandCamp ==>

Honkey Bitch: Dances With Demons

Preview/Listen/Buy Freakrock - Available on ITunes and Amazon ! Also, Honkey Bitch Music at Bandcamp